10 March 2023

Art and Design

Art and Design is a foundation subject of the National Curriculum and an important part of developing our children’s ability to develop their individual creativity, express their ideas and understanding and to work both individually and collaboratively with others.

The importance of Art and Design at Mithian is evident through our wider school. Some years we have an Art Week, in which we plan and deliver skills focusing on a particular skills or aspect of Art and Design, throughout the school.

Our aim is to ensure that children are confident approaching artwork, feel a strong sense of achievement, value the impact of art and design within our own lives and are able to reach their full potential emerging from Mithian as lifelong learners with a love and understanding of art and design.

How the Kapow Curriculum is used at Mithian School

The teaching of Art and Design at Mithian is through Kapow. Kapow offers teachers CPD opportunities upskilling and enhancing their own subject knowledge and skills which they are then confidently able to impart on pupils at Mithian.
We follow a 2 year rolling programme to ensure coverage and development of all skills. Year A focusses on Y1,3 and 5 skills. Year B focusses on Y2,4 and 6 skills.

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