10 February 2023


At Mithian School, our Geography curriculum is designed to equip children with the knowledge and skills of Geography in order to understand their place in the world.

Our children live in a unique environment and we ensure that their geographical skills and knowledge are built with this at the forefront of their minds. We aim to provide high-quality teaching in Geography in order to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. We begin to build these foundations to encourage this throughout children’s lives. We develop children’s understanding of the diversity of people, places, environment and resources of locations both locally and globally.

The teaching of Geography at Mithian ensures that children have a strong understanding of both human and physical geography of significant places and we aim to allow this knowledge of the world to deepen as they learn. Children develop their understanding of the interaction of human and physical processes and how their interdependence has shaped our world today. Through the progression of taught geographical skills, children gain competency in these and we aim for children to be able to apply their own knowledge and skills to understanding the world around them throughout their lives.

Human Geography

Physical Geography

How the relationship between the above has shaped our world today

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Geography Long Term Overview- Mithian School

Programmes of Study in Geography- KS1 and KS2

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