10 February 2023


At Mithian School, our History curriculum is designed to equip children with the knowledge and skills of history, which are an integral part in the development of the whole child. Children are given the opportunity to gain a coherent understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world, as well as their unique position as citizens of their local community, of Cornwall and within a global context. Through the teaching of history, children have the knowledge and skills needed to ask pertinent questions about the past, by thinking critically, weighing evidence and sifting arguments. This will allow them to develop their own personal perspective and judgement on issues. Children will develop their historical knowledge and skills across a range of timescales and a range of geographical areas to allow these judgements to become strongly evidence-based. Our history curriculum allows children to gain skills of historical enquiry and inspires their curiosity to learn more about the past. Children will gain a rich understanding of the breadth of historical study and their place within this from a social, economic, cultural and political perspective. Over time and throughout their study of history, children will begin to find connections within the elements of societies in order to fully understand the interrelation of events and the importance of legacy. Children will gain a sense of identity alongside a greater understanding of the challenges of their own time, becoming historians in their own right.

What are the aims for our pupils at Mithian School?

How is History taught at Mithian School?

What is the impact on our pupils at Mithian School?


Key Areas of Historical Knowledge and Skills

Historical Enquiry

Our pupils answer and ask questions about History, thinking deeply about continuity and change; cause and consequence; similarity, difference and significance.

Chronological Understanding

Our pupils understand the importance of chronology in History: they understand what 'Ancient' means and understand that some cultures (like the Vikings and Golden Age of Islam) happened concurrently.


Our pupils are taught and possess the vocabulary to describe historical events.


Our pupils can remember important historical dates of the past and can confidently talk about periods of time and cultures they have studied as they progress through school.