15 December 2022


Our Music curriculum at Mithian is taught discretely and is embedded across other subjects too. We foster a love of music within our children and promote performance and involvement in wider musical opportunities.  Children at Mithian have a wide variety of opportunities to both learn a musical instrument and to express themselves through music.  

Across the whole school music is taught using the Sing Up programme. 

In EYFS children have access to experiment with both tuned and non-tuned instruments and percussion.  

Key Stage 1 and 2 children are taught using  Sing Up as an interactive teaching programme, which really engages and enthuses the children and teaching staff.  It ensures that all children are developing their curriculum knowledge, skills and understanding of listening and appraising, playing, performing and composing.  Sing Up also provides opportunity for staff CPD.  

Singing is additionally taught through weekly assemblies as a whole school learning melodies and rhythm as well as 2 and 3 part harmonies.  We have a school choir run as an after school club who take part in Songfest and other singing opportunities.  Our children are offered the opportunity to audition for Cornwall Boys and Girls Choirs.  We have taken part in SeaShanty festivals offering this experience to all children in Year 3 and 4.  Where possible we engage in music opportunities led by the Hub and Asone.  Feedback from all stakeholders after wider events has been really positive.  

Staff at Mithian foster a love and celebration of music and are keen to develop their own musical skills to support all children in their learning of the music curriculum. 


Learn an Instrument

Peripatetic music lessons are available to all pupils in woodwind, brass, string and percussion.

Concessions are available to ensure equal access for all.