20 January 2023


Please tap the below 'Key Information' for more detail about how we teach phonics at Mithian using Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS)

Our teaching of phonics is based on the ethos of 'teach, not test' and so our teaching staff constantly, consistently and accurately model the behaviours of good readers to pupils during phonics lessons.

With reading being the key to all learning, any pupils who need additional support are quickly identified by the reading lead, assessed, and givenĀ bespoke, often 1:1 supportĀ to enable them to keep up with their peers.

Helpful Information To Support Phonics At Home

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s sound

Phase 2 Sound Mat

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phase 3 and 5

Phase 3 and 5 Sound Mat

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Handwriting Practice

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Pronunciation Videos

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Mnemonics and Rhymes To Remember


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