25 June 2021

Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is designed to ensure that funding to tackle disadvantaged children reaches the pupils who need it most. The funding is allocated to Local Authorities and schools for pupils from Reception to Year 11 who are eligible for free school meals (FSM); EVER 6; previous looked-after children; children who are looked after children of parents currently serving in the armed forces. In the 2020 to 2021 financial year, schools will receive the following funding set out by the DFE Education Funding Agency:

Funding for Eligible Pupils

The PPG per pupil for 2020 to 2021 is as follows:

Pupils in year groups reception to year 6 recorded as FSM and Ever 6 FSM £1,345

Pupils 7-11 recorded as Ever 6 FSM: £955

Looked-after children (LAC) defined in the Children Act 1989 as one who is in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, an English local authority: £2345

Children who have ceased to be looked after by a local authority in England and Wales because of adoption, a special guardianship order, a child arrangements order or a residence order: £2345

Service children - Pupils in year groups reception to year 11 recorded as Ever 6 Service Child or in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence: £310

Do you think your child might be eligible for Pupil Premium Funding? Eligibility and a Pupil Premium Application Form are available at this address: www.cornwall.gov.uk/schoolmeals

The Pupil Premium allocated to Mithian School for the year 2020/21 is £13,725

How Is It Being Spent?

EYFS Class Size

  • Reception is only 15 pupils to ensure a good start and we manage our own nursery in which children do well, working closely with Reception.

Teaching Assistant Classroom Support

  • All classes have at least one Teaching Assistant; some classes have three adults in the mornings. Our support staff are experienced and many have teaching qualifications/HLTA; they also deliver specific programs. Children are also given consolidation time with an adult to help them understand tricky areas and clear up any misconceptions they may have in lessons. We pre-teach as well to help children prior to new units of work.

Additional Resources

  • Reading books for home have been purchased for PP children as well as other personal learning resources when appropriate e.g. Maths games, teaching-time watches and other personalised equipment.

Other Strategies and Support

  • Early Intervention for Infants e.g. Fun Phonic, Early Literacy Intervention, Challenge Maths Club
  • Additional after school clubs by invitation, taught by teachers – e.g Girls Maths Club, Writing Club
  • Parental engagement workshops e.g. Supporting Your Child With Reading At Home, Mathematics Teaching For Mastery, Phonics Open Morning, E-safety.
  • One-to-One or small group precision teaching within, before or after school including NTP Tutoring.
  • Extra-curricular activities / support for trips / programs e.g
    self-esteem,time to talk.
  • Supporting with the payment of Swimming and Music Lessons
  • Support in purchasing resources needed to access the curriculum, which may include resources for home.
  • Workshops across the school on emotional intelligence, motivation, self-efficacy, resilience, grit and enthusiasm. This develops strong attitudes to learning and challenges both in and out of school.
  • Support with Wrap Around Care (when needed). The school runs a Breakfast Club and Chill Zone (After-school).
  • Support with the purchase of new uniform.
  • Part-funded Residential Trips e.g. London

These initiatives and strategies are all backed with evidence from the schools tracking database. They are continually monitored and their effectiveness and value for money evaluated every half term to ensure the children are making progress in all areas of the curriculum and school life.

The tracking database includes all children who are/were eligible for Free School Meals or Ever 6 (children who have ever appeared on the FSM list in the last 6 years), service family children and children in care.


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